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Calabria is the hidden gem of Italy with beautiful coastlines and rugged mountains inland. It’s where the Italians go to holiday and well worth a visit.


Unlike Northern Italy the South is not as polished and very rustic. Don’t be surprised to find yourself driving along unmade roads and eating in a restaurant that doesn’t look like its actually finished being built. But don’t let that deter you – it has so much to offer.


Calabria is located in the centre of the Mediterranean, the region extends southwards from Basilicata and is shaped like a small peninsula surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. It is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina.


The unsurpassable beauty of nature stands out not only in the almost 800 kilometres of coastline lined with beautiful beaches and clear blue sea, but also in the wilder mountainous areas and the plains with their citrus orchards and centuries-old olive groves. Calabria is also a region of tradition and folklore. There are deeply-rooted religious traditions celebrating a form of Catholicism often reminiscent of paganism and magical medieval times with rituals, plays and performances which have been re-enacted for centuries and still have enormous popular following.


Those who love nature, can explore inland Calabria, discovering pure and unpolluted sceneries, where beautiful hills alternate with blue lakes and waterfalls.


Those who prefer basking in the warm rays of the sun and diving into a crystal-clear sea can choose from the many beautiful beaches along the long Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts.


Places to visit during your holiday include:


•   Reggio Calabria is a busy town at the tip of Italy's 'toe' and just over the water from Sicily. Reggio is a transport hub for ferry

    services to Sicily, and it is also on the tourist map for its archaeological museum.


•   Soverato is worth a visit especially during the evening when its night fair and open air market is open. There are many good

    eateries in Soverato for visitors to choose from including Ristorante Riviera Di Vitale Alfonso with its Michelin star, Ristorante

    Don Pedro, La Laterna Rossa di Condo'Ernesto, Ristorante Di Mocciaro de Possella, Ristorante Da Moreno and Ristorante

    pizzeria La Perla.


 Tropea is Calabria’s most alluring city with a lovely timeless, faded feel that is a characteristic of sleepy southern Italian

    seaside towns. The town itself is a maze of pretty lanes, palazzi and little hidden squares where you'll usually find restaurant

    tables. You can also find traces of the old town wall and fortifications which defended the landward side.


•   Pizzo is an enchanting old seaport in the province of Vibo Valenti situated on a steep cliff overlooking the Gulf of Santa

   Eufemia. The town is famous for its tartufo a ball of ice cream filled with melted chocolate.


•   Aspromonte National Park is a beautiful mountain region with amazing thick wooded forests.


•   Morano Calabro is Calabria’s best preserved medieval hill town.


•   The small village of Stilo is famous for La Cattolica, a 10th century Byzantine church, and the Ribusa Palio a medieval fair on

    the first Sunday in August.